Richard K. Wagner, Ph.D.



Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Associate Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research, brings internationally recognized expertise on measurement of language and literacy skills and in methods for studying their development. His research has focused on the role of reading-related phonological processing abilities in normal and abnormal development of reading skills, in the prediction, prevention, and remediation of dyslexia, and in understanding origins of individual and developmental differences in reading comprehension. Dr. Wagner has substantial expertise in research methods and quantitative methods, including measurement and item response theory, multivariate analyses, and structural equation modeling. Dr. Wagner has been or is the principal investigator on numerous NICHD-funded research projects involving the development of early reading skills, co-principal investigator on several NICHD-funded research projects involving the evaluation of early reading interventions for struggling readers using randomized designs, and was principal investigator on an IES-funded research project examining reading comprehension in school-age children. His most recent research, funded by NICHD (as part of FCRR’s Learning Disabilities Research Center on which Dr. Wagner is the overall principal investigator), focuses on the development and classification of reading disabilities, including behavioral genetic influences on profound reading impairments. He currently serves as the Chair of the Advisory Board of the National Institute for Literacy.