The goal of the RFU project research is to create integrated multi-component instructional interventions that are developmentally cohesive from prekindergarten through fourth grade. The goal is that they will effectively build integral key component skills that support studentsí proficient oral and text comprehension and reading for understanding.

The RFU is composed of a series of studies that provide a tight interface between basic and applied research, working iteratively so that basic research findings inform applied research, which will inform the development and testing of RFU interventions. We hope to achieve a more detailed understanding of comprehension processes, including necessary skills needed for reading comprehension, and identify potential novel targets for intervention, which will result in new instructional strategies for improving studentsí reading for understanding.

Development and evaluation studies of the new RFU interventions will be embedded in a longitudinal model, and will account for the accumulated effects of instruction over multiple years of schooling. Interventions will consist of data- informed instructional intervention.