Carol M. Connor, Ph.D.

Co-Principal Investigator


Associate Professor, FSU, Developmental Psychology and FCRR, also holds joint appointments with the Florida Center for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (FCR-STEM), and in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Awarded the 2007 Presidentís Early Career Award in Science and Engineering (PECASE), the 2008 APA Richard Snow award, and the 2009 SRCD Award for Early Career Contributions, Dr. Connor is the PI on the Individualizing Instruction Study, which is a cluster randomized field trial following students longitudinally from 1st through 3rd grade, funded by IES and NICHD (R01), which will extend into 4th and 5th grade pending NICHD (R21) funding. She led the development of A2i software and of the ISI-Reading and Science interventions. Her research focuses on the complex links between children oral language and literacy skills. She brings expertise conducting large scale randomized field trials in local and remote schools, coding video-taped classroom observations at the level of the student, and working in leadership positions with multidisciplinary teams of researchers, school administrators, and teachers. She brings expertise in the areas of complex modeling including dynamic forecasting intervention models, instruction, intervention and curriculum development, software development, professional development, and statistics, including hierarchical linear modeling. She also has expertise with the Noldus Observer-Pro software, CHILDES, and SALT, to be used for coding classroom observations and language samples. She currently serves as a permanent member of the NICHD LCOM grant review study group and is a rotating reviewer for IES.